Good Morning, Good Night

NIGHT Worry Thoughts (R)

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Good night! Let’s say goodbye to worry thoughts and send them off like hot air balloons.

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Good night! Let’s say goodbye to worry thoughts and send them off like hot air balloons.

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Episode Transcription


S1E36, NIGHT Worry Thoughts (R)


Taes: Hello, my name is Taes and I am so happy to be here with you at the very end of our day to say goodnight. 

It is just such a good time to think back on what happened today on how we felt throughout the day and just wind down together. 

Are you ready? 

Me too. 

I love knowing all day long that I get to see you and hear about how your day was and how you're feeling.

So, first of all, I just wanna say, thank you so much for being here with me. 


Taes: How was your day? Okay, go good. And can you tell me, what was your favorite thing that happened today? 

I'm going to count to three, as you think about. And then when I get to three, I want to hear your favorite part of today. Ready? 1, 2, 3.

Hmm. That sounds like a really good day. 

And, now can you tell me, did you have any big feelings today? Like, did any of those big cloudy feelings come and jump into your day?

Yeah. I had a couple of big cloudy feelings today, too. So at the end of the day, I like to just make sure that before we close our eyes and our head hits the pillow and we go right into dreamland, that we make sure that we have let go of any big worry thoughts that are inside of our bodies.

Do you know what a worry thought is?

Yeah. A worry thought is something that we think about the future. Like something that might go wrong later. And here's the thing about worry thoughts is that they're usually not at all true. They're just our brain thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking. And that is what our brain does. 

And before we go to bed, we have to say, “Okay, brain. That's enough. We don't want you to think anymore because it's time to sleep.” 

So, today here's what we're going to do. I want you to just close your eyes and look inside of your heart and just notice. Do you have any worry thoughts inside of your body right now? 

And if you don't, that's great. You can just continue to close your eyes and just notice how your body is feeling right now. But if you do have some worry thoughts, I just want you to notice what they are. 

Okay. Let's listen and feel our worry thoughts right now.

And if you found a couple of worry thoughts, I want to let you know something that I know to be true about worry thoughts: worry thoughts actually get smaller when you let them out of your body. So, there's a couple different ways we can let them out of our body that we'll be working on together, but tonight we're just going to do a great big, simple one and it's called “The Hot Air Balloon.”

So, can you imagine that your worry thought (one of your worry thoughts) is a hot air balloon? And you can take a big deep breath in? Picture the thought inside of your body. And as you let it out, I want you to imagine that thought going out of your body, out of your mouth with the air and floating up into the sky into the night.

And can you say, “Goodbye, worry”. 

There you go. 

So let's just look inside of our bodies again and see if there's any worry thoughts happening in there right now. Are there any more left? Okay. 

So find out where it is. Take a big deep breath in and let it out. Let that worry thought out of your mouth and up into the sky and it floats away like a hot air balloon. And can you say, “Goodbye, worry”? 

There it goes. 

Let's do it again. Ready? You see if there's another worry thought inside of your body. Find out where it is.

Take a deep breath in and let it out. And watch that worry thought fly out of your body and up into the night sky, like a hot air balloon. And can you say, “Goodbye, worry”? 

And you can do this as you're lying down, ready for sleeping. if you notice that there's more worry thoughts in there. You can do this every night until you find that there are no more worry thoughts in your body, because the key to having a really happy sleep is to get those worry thoughts out.

And on other nights, we'll work on talking about those worry thoughts with people in your life. But for tonight, we are just going to blow those worry thoughts into the night sky so that you can have a really good sleep. 

Let's do it one more time. Ready? Big, deep breath in. Find your worry thought and let it out. 

Let it float up into the sky and say, “Goodbye, worry”. I love you.


Taes: Thank you to you for being here with me. 

I can't wait to see you tomorrow morning. 

Have an amazing sleep with lots of happy dreams. 

Remember, there is nobody in the whole world with a heart just like yours. 

I love you. And I love your big heart so much.


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